Whiton House Approach

A multi-dimensional approach in helping organizations and leaders achieve goals, blending the art and science of key management, communication and behavioral principles.


Everything we do must be well reasoned, not a matter of habit or convention.

Plans, resource allocation, and decisions must be made in the larger context. Competition for resources and customers is growing everything day. Everything we do must be well reasoned, not a matter of habit or convention.

System thinking and strategy design are critical elements to consider when an organization or group needs to tackle an issue or opportunity. A leadership development program cannot sit in isolation for the sake of having a program. How does the content of that program fit with the overall strategy and brand of the organization? Simply put, we start by asking questions in the context of the larger picture.

At some point, reality meets our aspirations.

Organizational Development

Can our organization or group achieve this goal? Do we have the people, processes, resources and culture aligned to deliver? Here we look at organization development not as a time for training and classes but as a detailed plan of execution of how we are going to get from Point A to Point B by building sustainable capabilities.

At the heart of successful strategy and execution are passionate people aligned to a common purpose through effective communication.


Communication goes far beyond a powerpoint, website or talking points. It is a tool to engage multiple parties in a conversation where everyone has a stake and can have an impact. It is how our leaders behave on a daily basis where actions matter as much as words. It is connecting the dots of why we do what we do and being transparent about our decision making to create ownership. It is about viewing communication as a means to teach, not just promote. It is being confident in giving answers that might not be popular but are honest. Good communication is above all else authentic and purposeful.